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How do I purchase a membership? We don't have membership plans for clients. As a client, your instructor will provide session for their services.
As an instructor how many clients can I have? We are not limiting you nor do we care. It's your business we are just here to help you reach those goals.
How do I get paid as an instructor? You will need to create session for your client to purchase on the client side. The money will be transferred to your bank account minus system charges.
How do I get clients as an instructor on MyFitClients? We do not promote undercutting your fellow health & wellness instructors. Just by lowering your price and taking way other instructors client from them. The whole industry suffer; This is why we do not have that feature.
When will new feature come out? We will try are very best to release new feature each month. The best part is all plans get the latest feature.
Can I request new features? Yes, you may request new features at anytime by sending an email to support. We will try our best to get that useful feature out to all user as soon as possible.
Why is your pricing strategy so low compare to all others in the market? We are not here for revenue or shareholder; We created this to help the first time instructor or the instructor that lost all their clients or just having a rough season due to unforeseen issue in life. We care about each of our instructors and clients. Whether they are financially healthy or not. We care about all levels equally.
Can I change my plan later on? Yes, you may upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.
As an instructor can I send notification to my clients? Yes, you can send a notification to anyone of your clients.
Are you at shows or expo? Yes, we do.
Is there a referral program for instructors? Yes, but only for Canada & USA at this moment. Other countries will follow shortly.

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